Best Weight Gain Shakes For Underweight To Help You Build Muscle Mass! (2023)

If you focus on creating the best smoothie for muscle gain, you’ll see the pounds slowly but surely add up. And once your body reaches its goal weight, you can adjust your smoothies for weight gain to help maintain it. But in the meantime, we’ve got our work cut out for us. We need to explore different weight gain shakes for underweight that will work well with our bodies. Thankfully, there are some great supplements available to help us succeed in our journey to weight gain. In this guide, I’ll go over my favorite ingredients and provide you with numerous smoothie recipes – high-calorie smoothies and fruit smoothies alike – to ensure you pack on some pounds without resorting to eating fast food and getting a juice to cleanse.

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Benefits of weight gain shakes for underweight

Weight gain shakes are an easy way for underweight people to consume more calories and nutrients. They’re available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate and strawberry. You can also make your weight gain shakes from scratch or protein powder at home.

The best weight-gain shakes will include ingredients like:

  • a high-protein source, such as whey protein, soy protein, or plant-based protein powder
  • a high-calorie source, such as milk, peanut butter, or avocado
  • a fruit or vegetable (for flavor and additional nutrients)

Weight gain shakes for underweight are helpful for people who want to build muscle but don’t have much appetite. They’re pretty filling, so they’re not best suited to those with no appetite problems.

Weight gain shakes for underweight aren’t just useful — they can be beneficial for anyone trying to put on muscle mass or recover after surgery or illness.

  1. Combat weight loss

Weight gain shakes, and smoothies are a great way to increase your daily calorie and protein intake. They’re not just for weightlifters but also for everyday people who want to gain weight.

Often, it’s harder for underweight people to get enough nutrients in their diet. Weight gain drinks can help combat that by providing more calories and nutrients in one sitting than you could otherwise get from meals.

Weight gain shakes also make a convenient meal replacement when you’re on the go or an easy and quick snack before bedtime.

  1. Vitaminize yourself

Weight gain shakes are packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and strong on your journey to put on the pounds. They have lots of protein, vitamins A, B, C & D, calcium, iron and magnesium – all essential for a healthy body.

  1. Gain weight easier

Weight gain shakes are very beneficial for underweight people. They help these people in gaining weight easier and faster. These shakes usually come with a good amount of calories, thus allowing them to deal with their inability to consume enough calories to maintain a healthy weight or gain more weight. People suffering from anorexia can also benefit from using these shakes.

  1. Load up with energy

Many underweight people tend to face the problem of fatigue. This happens because your body is deprived of essential nutrients and calories. When you take weight gain shakes or smoothies, you load your body with energy. You feel more energetic and ready to get started.

Difference between smoothies and shakes

Smoothies are made with a base of whole fruit, while shakes are blended with crushed ice.

Smoothies are usually thicker since you use more fruits and fewer liquids. Smoothies also contain more calories than shakes because they have the extra sugar from the whole fruit.

Shakes are thinner but have a more intense flavor that’s not hidden by the extra fiber from the skin and pulp of the fruit.

And you’re right — smoothies typically have less fat than shakes. But depending on what you put in your shake, it may be just as nutritious as your smoothie. If you add protein powder to your shake, it may contain more protein than a smoothie made with yogurt and fruit.

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What should I use in my smoothie to gain weight?

Once you’ve figured out how much weight you need to gain, it’s time to figure out what to put in your weight gain shakes for underweight.

There are plenty of products marketed as weight gain shakes, but few of them are effective. If you’re trying to gain weight, this probably won’t be a surprise — most weight-gain shakes contain mostly sugar and artificial ingredients like maltodextrin, corn syrup solids and other fillers.

The best weight gain shakes for underweightwill contain protein and healthy fats that will give you satiety and help your body burn calories for energy. But there are some other things you should know before choosing a weight-gain shake:

The serving size matters. Most of the shakes on the market contain between two and four servings, which is way too much. You might think that since your stomach can only hold so much food at one time, you don’t need to worry about the size of the portion, but that’s not true — the more calories you take in at once, the more likely it is that they’ll end up as fat. Instead, start with one or two servings per day (around two to three scoops) and work up from there as your body adapts to eating more regular meals.

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Best Weight Gain Shakes for Underweight

Your diet should be rich in carbohydrates and protein. You can add weight gain shakes to your diet to get more protein and carbs from a single meal. Below we’ve listed some of the best weight gain shakes to help you pack on the pounds fast!

  1. Muscle-Building Smoothie

Ingredients: one cup of whole milk, one large banana, two tbsp all-natural peanut butter, and 1 tbsp honey.

Instructions: Mix all the ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Notes: This is an excellent muscle-building smoothie perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. The milk and peanut butter protein will help repair your muscles after exercise, while honey provides plenty of carbohydrates for energy.

  1. Walnut Apple and Banana Smoothie

Bananas are rich in healthy carbohydrates and can be an excellent energy-boosting snack for underweight people. The addition of walnuts to this recipe adds protein, which helps your body repair and build muscle tissue.

This smoothie combines bananas, apples, and walnuts with oats. It’s high in fiber, vitamins B6 and C, and has a low glycemic index.

  1. Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie

This smoothie is perfect for those cold nights when you want something hot and sweet. The avocado and almond butter fat help keep you full to prevent late-night snacking. The chocolate syrup gives this shake a delightful taste that will keep you coming back for more!

Calories: 730

  • One cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • The third cup of blended oats
  • One banana, peeled and sliced
  • One tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Two teaspoons of honey or agave nectar or maple syrup (or other sweeteners)
  • One tablespoon of ground flax seeds (optional)

Mix everything in a blender until smooth and frothy, about 30 seconds. Pour into a glass and drink immediately.

  1. Oat Protein Smoothie

There are hundreds of recipes for weight gain shakes and smoothies. You can use various ingredients to create a healthy smoothie that will help you put on weight.

Here is a basic recipe you can use to get started:

  • Oat Protein Smoothie
  • One cup Low Fat Milk
  • One Banana (ripe)
  • Half Cup Oatmeal
  • Two Tablespoons Protein Powder

Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Drink immediately after blending.

  1. Cinnamon Smoothie

Cinnamon smoothie is a great way to start the day. It has high levels of fiber and protein that will keep you feeling full throughout the morning while also boosting your metabolism. Additionally, it’s an excellent source of calcium, which helps build strong bones and teeth and magnesium, which promotes healthy muscles.


  • One cup of natural yogurt,
  • One banana,
  • One teaspoon of cinnamon powder,
  • Two tablespoons of honey

Calories: 594 calories

The bottom line

If you are underweight, you first need to address the underlying cause for it. If it is just a phase, you might deal with the issue independently. If you are suffering from bulimia, anorexia or nervosa, then you need to speak with a doctor because they can help you with your case. The next step is to have a clean and healthy lifestyle combined with exercise and healthy food. A healthy smoothie can be an excellent start to your day, especially if it has more calories than regular smoothies. Smoothies with nuts and milk are also popular weight gainers.



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