How To Remove Kt Tape From Hairy Legs (2023)

Doctor'due south Guide: How to Record an Ankle With KT Tape (with Photographs)

  • By George P.H.

Clean your lower leg, ankle and foot with sanitizer or wet wipes. In one case yous're done, cut three strips of KT tape. Cutting effectually their edges to make them round; this fashion, they won't pare off later.

Now stick the beginning piece of tape to both sides of your lower shin and under the midfoot. Wrap the second one around your midfoot, the tertiary – effectually the thin function of your shin. You lot've now successfully taped your talocrural joint.

For this article, we worked with Dr. Enes: a sports dr. and osteopath. She showed us how to KT record an ankle in 3 different means.

The first is all-time for immobilizing a sprained talocrural joint. The other two methods give y'all more mobility while even so supporting the joint and keeping it in identify.

In addition to the iii methods, we'll cover 5 reasons to use KT tape, signs y'all demand to see a doctor and more. Keep reading to larn more!

Disclaimer: This guide was created for educational purposes. Information technology neither offers nor replaces medical advice. Learn more than here.

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Table of Contents

How to KT Tape an Ankle Sprain: Maximum Support

This method will keep your ankle stable. It reduces mobility a little only prevents injury. If you want a preventative tape for extra talocrural joint support, utilize the other method.


Cut Your KT Tape

Cutting or tear 3 pieces of KT record. The first needs to go from around talocrural joint to under the human foot.

Cut or tear three pieces of KT tape. The start needs to go from around talocrural joint to nether the foot.

The 3rd needs to go under and over the midfoot, also with some length to spare.


Trim Effectually the Edges

KT record often peels off at the edges. By taking a minute to trim them so they're circular, you'll amend fixation strength. You'll too make the tape terminal longer.


Clean Your Ankle

Take a minute to make clean your ankle. Use sanitizer or moisture wipes.

Removing dust, skin and other particles will aid information technology stabilize the ankle longer.


Tape Your Mid-Foot and Lower Leg

Accept your first slice of tape. Stick information technology under the midfoot, i.east. where your medial arch is.

(Video) KT Tape: Tips for Removing

Now carefully attach it to the ankle and the lower leg. It should be symmetrical on both sides.

Use your hands and fingers to smooth it out, then rub until information technology's firm on the foot.


Tape Around Your Mid-Pes

Now let's go for the second slice of tape. Stick it nether your midfoot, simply similar you lot did the first piece.

Merely this time, get around the ankle rather than upward the pes. Do one side first and shine information technology out with your hands and fingers…

Then do the other side of the record over the first one in a criss-cantankerous pattern.

In one case you're done, smooth and rub the record over the pes. Yous should end upwards with something like this.


Tape Around the Achilles

Get your last slice of tape out. Stick the middle of it where your Achilles tendon and fibula bone are.

Now bring one side effectually the lower leg, stick information technology there and smooth it out with fingers and easily…

Then do the other side.


Bank check the Tape is Fixed Firmly

Probe the tape for slackness or any loose bits. If you observe any massage the record over the foot until it'southward firm all over.


You've KT Taped Your Sprained Talocrural joint Successfully!

That's it! Your foot should at present look something similar this.

How to KT Record an Ankle: Moderate Support

This method is about equally supportive every bit the ane to a higher place. It'll keep the talocrural joint joint in identify, although with a little less force.

The upside is that this method gives yous a lot more mobility. Information technology doesn't immobilize the foot as much and it allows for talocrural joint dorsiflexion.


Cut or Tear 2 Pieces of KT Talocrural joint Tape

The first piece volition go from the bottom of your calf muscle, nether your foot and to the toes. Cut or tear accordingly.

The second piece will go effectually the midfoot. It needs to have some length to spare.

(Video) Removing Kinesio Tape without pain


Trim and Cut Your KT Record

Get-go, cut effectually the edges of your KT tape on one side. This'll stop it from getting unglued and help it work longer.

Now have the strip of tape that'll get nether your foot. Cut the side you didn't trim into 3 equal strips. Go halfway down the KT tape strip.


Sanitize the Foot and Ankle

Wash or clean the foot and ankle. Use wet wipes or sanitizer. Wait for the peel to dry out.


Glue the First Piece of Tape On

Have the piece of tape that goes under your calf muscle. Anchor the office that's whole to the bottom of your foot and behind your heel.

So rub your hands and fingers along the KT tape to brand sure it'south stuck.

One time you're washed, glue the three strips nether your foot. Trim any excess length and massage the tape into the pes so it sticks.


Glue the Second Piece of Tape On

Stick the middle of the 2nd piece of tape between the ball and arch of your pes.

Now bring it around the ankle, wrap it around itself and massage until it's firmly stuck.


Y'all're Washed

That's it! Your ankle is at present stable but mobile. It should look something like this.

How to Kinesio Record an Ankle: Maximum Mobility

This is a different style to KT tape your talocrural joint. Information technology gives you a lot more than mobility.

The downside is that it's less supportive. It doesn't connect the ankle to the heel or fibula.

Dr. Enes likes to use this method for good for you athletes who want moderate ankle back up.


Cutting or Tear two Pieces of KT Ankle Tape

This time, nosotros'll need two lengths of tape.

Each 1 will become from the thickest point of the calf to the talocrural joint, so that's how long they need to be.

(Video) Removing Sports Tape fr Hairy Leg


Trim and Cut Out Your Tape

On one side of each piece of record, cut around the edges and so they're circular.

On the other side, cut the tape and divide it into five equal-thickness strips.

You should cease upward with something that looks like this.


Make clean and Sanitize Your Lower Leg

Utilise moisture wipes and/or sanitizer to clean the area between your knee and ankle. Get down the leg and go over each side equally well.


Tape On the Outset KT Strip

Anchor the uncut function of the strip to the inside of your tibia. That'll look something like this.

Now have the strip of tape that's closest to the outside of your foot. Glue information technology to the lower leg at an angle, like this.

In one case you've done the first 1, gum each i a lilliputian further away from it. The last i will terminate up on your pes, around your long toe. The whole structure will look a bit like a five-arm octopus.


Tape On the 2nd KT Strip

Take the 2nd piece of strip and ballast information technology to the outside of your tibia. Then gum the piece of strip closest to the inside of your human foot across your lower leg.

Now keep going, sticking each successive strip of KT tape a few cm away from the previous i.

Once yous're done, you lot'll have a criss-cross pattern of v thin strips on each side.


You've KT Taped Your Ankle for Mobility!

Practiced job! Your foot should look like this now.

5 Reasons to use KT Tape on an Ankle Sprain

i - Keeps the Joint in its Natural Range of Motion

Under heavy impact, the talocrural joint can hyperextend beyond its natural range of move. This results in sprains and other injuries (e.grand. tears).

KT tape stops this from happening. Depending on the wrapping technique yous use, information technology provides rigid or flexible articulation support.

ii - Prevents Re-Injury

(Video) Pain-free Duct Tape Removal Method From Hairy Skin

Sprained ankle ligaments can't support the joint the way they need to. This makes re-injury probable. For example, if you rolled an talocrural joint you're likely to whorl information technology again.

KT record prevents this. Past keeping the joint in its natural range of movement (run into above), it reduces the adventure or re-injury.

iii - Prevents Injury

If your ankle'due south going to be nether a lot of stress, you could cease up with an injury. Applying KT tape alee of fourth dimension will minimize the risk of injury.

This is a good fashion to protect the ankle after a long intermission from a sport. It'south besides helpful if you're playing sports on a slippery surface.

iv - Supports the Joints and Ligaments

Permit's say you're getting back to sports afterward an injury. Your joints and ligaments are healthy, but you haven't practiced in a while. You're not certain your ankle can handle the stress.

KT taping your ankle will support the joint and soft tissues. It will reduce the corporeality of piece of work they need to do. This will help y'all build forcefulness back up gradually.

Additionally, we always recommend choosing footwear for ankle support and weak ankles. These shoes will aid you alleviate pain and discomfort.

5 - Increase Blood and Lymphatic Menstruum

Information technology's hypothesized that kinesio record lifts skin from the muscle under information technology. This increases blood and lymphatic flow, potentially increasing the speed at which you lot heel. Compression socks work in a like style, equally they support the leg muscles, ameliorate blood circulation, and normalize blood pressure.

5 Signs of a Sprained Talocrural joint

If you have the following symptoms, you may have a sprained ankle:

  1. Swelling
  2. Pain when yous move the foot or put weight on information technology
  3. Pain or discomfort when you touch the affected area
  4. A trample
  5. Limited range of movement when moving the foot

What to Do if I Have a Sprained Talocrural joint?

If yous've got a sprain, Dr. Enes' advice is to finish what y'all're doing. Don't just KT wrap the ankle and keep hiking, playing sports, etc. Let your trunk residual as much as possible. When information technology comes to hiking, make certain yous know how your hiking boots should fit. The truth is that by wearing unsuitable footwear, you could be making your sprained ankle worse.

Run into a doctor if you feel:

  • A tearing or popping sound during the injury
  • Consummate inability to move the ankle without pain
  • Pain and swelling that don't subside 12-24 hours after the injury
  • Inability to put weight on the ankle 12-24 hours after the injury

If your intuition tells yous something is wrong, come across a doc immediately. They'll tell you how serious the injury is.

How To Remove Kt Tape From Hairy Legs (1)


George P.H.

How To Remove Kt Tape From Hairy Legs (2)


Dr. Katherine Enes

(Video) How Not to take off Kinesio Tape!

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July half dozen, 2022


How do you get tape off hairy legs? ›

Option One: Use Baby Oil
  1. Pour or rub baby oil directly on the tape.
  2. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Peel it off slowly while gently tugging the skin in the opposite direction.

Can you use KT tape with hairy legs? ›

The tape is designed to stick directly to the skin. If you have excessive hair that prevents the tape from getting a good grip on the skin, the tape won't stay on properly. If you need a shave we will happily do it for you, but it's much faster if you come to the expo already preped with soft and supple skin.

Do I need to shave my legs for KT Tape? ›

Kinesiology Tape Runners Can Try

Quick note on body hair: In most cases it is not necessary to shave the skin before applying KT Tape. KT Tape's site says that in many instances, some short hair actually can help with the adhesion as well as effectiveness of the product.

Where should you not put KT tape on? ›

Open wounds: If you have an open wound or surgical incision that is not fully healed, do not use kinesiology tape. The tape can trap moisture that promotes the growth of bacteria, increasing the risk of infection.

How do you fix hairy legs? ›

Hair Removal Guide: Which Method Is Best for You?
  1. Shaving. ...
  2. Depilatory Cream. ...
  3. Waxing. ...
  4. Sugaring. ...
  5. Threading. ...
  6. Laser Hair Removal. ...
  7. Vaniqa.
Jul 11, 2012

When should you not use KT Tape? ›

You should avoid using Kinesiology if you are allergic to adhesives. You should also avoid Kinesio if you have diabetes, have open wounds, DVT, Active Cancer, and or any infections in the injured area. You may also have issues using Kinesio if you have thin skin, sensitive skin, or had a lymph node removed.

How do you remove medical tape from hair and skin? ›

Tip: For tape that is strongly adhered to skin or hair, consider using a medical grade adhesive remover or moisturizer to soften the adhesive along the peel line (peel edge). Tip: To start the edge, press a small separate piece of tape onto a corner of the piece to be removed.

How do you remove adhesive from hair and skin? ›

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is effective in dissolving most adhesives. Just put a small amount on a cotton ball, place it over the residue for a few seconds, then proceed to rub it off. Be aware that rubbing alcohol can dry out the skin. So, you may want to apply a moisturizer afterward.

What is the easiest way to remove bandage from hair? ›

Weaken Adhesive With Oil

Soak a cotton ball or cotton swab in baby oil. If you don't have baby oil handy, olive oil, petroleum jelly, or baby shampoo will work, too. Next, gently rub it over the bandage until it falls off.

Will KT Tape fall off in the shower? ›

Stay out of the heat: Kinesiology tape is heat-activated, but it's also water-resistant. So, while a hot tub soak or hot shower won't affect the tape, dry heat can change the chemical properties of the tape, making it sticky and hard to remove. You can still wear it outside in the summertime without worry.

Is it OK to shower with KT Tape? ›

Kinesio Tape® is water resistant. You may shower, bathe and swim with Kinesio Tape® on the skin. Let the tape air dry, or pat dry with a towel (do not use a hair dryer to dry). Avoid sun/excessive heat on the tape.

Is it okay to sleep with KT Tape? ›

I believe the best benefit is actually cumulative; the more (not just during sports activities) and longer (even at night during sleep) you wear the tape, the better the benefits of healing and support it offers.

What happens if you wear KT Tape too long? ›

If kinesiology tape contaminated by sweat is worn for more than one day, it may cause skin irritation [3].

What are the dangers of KT Tape? ›

Kinesiology tape is not suitable in certain situations.
  • Open wounds – Applying tape to an open wound may cause infection or damage to the skin.
  • Thrombosis or clotting of the deep veins – Blood clots can become dislodged through increased fluid flow, which could be fatal.
Dec 22, 2021

What do the different colors of KT Tape mean? ›

What is the difference between the colors? There is no physical or chemical difference between the colors. The colors were developed to be compatible with color therapy. The beige was created for minimal visibility and the black was created after many requests. Color choice is a matter of individual preference.

What causes very hairy legs? ›

You have a hormone imbalance

This means you can get hair where you don't want it, like your face, belly, thighs, or butt. According to Mount Sinai Medical Center, about half of cases are caused by high levels of male sex hormones or “androgens,” like testosterone.

Is it OK to shave hairy legs? ›

Though dermatologists don't necessarily recommend shaving daily, if that's what you prefer, it's totally safe as long as you're extra mindful of the best practices. It isn't unsafe to shave daily, but it can be potentially irritating to the hair follicles, which can cause razor bumps, says Dr.

How do models remove body hair? ›

Temporary options include shaving (by far the most popular method), waxing, depilatory creams, tweezing, and trimming. If going this route, it's best to use a light hand and keep antibiotic ointment close by to treat any nicks or bumps.

What dissolves medical tape? ›

Adhesive-removal products. Silicone-based adhesive-removal products are the best option for aiding PSA removal. They evaporate, leave no residue on the skin, and are not noted for causing dry skin. If you don't have access to silicone-based products, other options include water, alcohol, or emollients.

How do you remove medical adhesive from hair? ›

Products like coconut oil, baby oil, sunflower oil and olive oil will be fine for most people. Rub the oil onto your scalp and hair, then gently pick any remaining glue away. It might help to leave it for a few minutes to 'soak in' and loosen up bigger clumps.

What is the easiest way to remove tape from skin? ›

Dry the tape a little by patting it with a dry towel. Dab a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol and start to peel back the tape, massaging the skin in circular motions where the tape is peeled away. This will help to break down the adhesive.

How do you remove a bandage from a hairy spot? ›

Work at one corner of the bandage little by little.
  1. If the band-aid is in a hairy part of your body, ripping it off slowly may be more comfortable.
  2. It can help to get a fingernail up under the edge of the band-aid to tease the adhesive away from the skin.

Does Vaseline remove adhesive from skin? ›

For solvent based adhesives, gently rub petroleum jelly, or vegetable or mineral oil onto the affected skin. Note that you may need to reapply in order to get the adhesive off.

Is rubbing alcohol an adhesive remover? ›

Rubbing alcohol or vodka can safely remove sticker residue from plastic, wood, glass, or fabric. Soak the adhesive with your alcohol, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then wipe it off.

How do you remove a stuck bandage from fur? ›

Apply a few drops of olive, vegetable, coconut, or sesame oil to the top of the bandage, and allow a few minutes for it to soak through and start breaking down the adhesive. Then slowly and gently peel one edge of the bandage away from your dog's fur, then move on to the other side.

How do you remove a bandage that is stuck on your skin? ›

Removing the old dressing

If the dressing is stuck, soak with water or saline and wait for the dressing to loosen – allow a bit of time and avoid pulling as this will be painful and will damage the wound. If the dressing is adhesive or has an adhesive border, avoid peeling it off.

How do you remove a bandage with Vaseline? ›

"No tears, no residue"

"All you need is petroleum jelly or oil and Q-tips! "Apply a generous amount on the Band-Aid... let it sit for 1-2 minutes and gently peel it off!" Petroleum jelly is sometimes also known as Vaseline here in Australia.

How do you shower with KT tape on? ›

Apply tape at least one hour before swimming, showering, or sweating. If your tape is wet, use a towel to gently pat it dry. A hair dryer on the lowest setting can also be used to help dry the tape.

What happens if KT Tape gets wet? ›

You do not have to worry about getting your tape wet. Kinesiology tape is water-resistant therefore, you can shower, bathe, or even swim whilst wearing the tape. After activities that cause the tape to get wet, you can dry it by gently patting the tape down with a towel.

How long does it take for KT Tape to start working? ›

The tape can usually stay in place for three or four days even while showering or exercising. Positive results are reported to be felt within 24 hours for many users of kinesiology tape.

How do you remove surgical adhesive from hair? ›

Removing Superglue From Your Hair
  1. Pour some acetone or acetone-based nail polish remover on an unused cotton ball.
  2. Place the acetone-soaked cotton ball on the affected part of the hair and hold it there for a few minutes.
  3. Comb through the strands of your hair with your fingers or a brush.
Aug 12, 2021


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